Waiting on a phone call

This was to be the last weekend where I would  have the opportunity to put together a multiple day walk before heading off to Australia. When I woke up Saturday morning, the enthusiasm was AWOL, thanks to my troublesome shoulder. It usually takes about twenty minutes before the pain subsides and the muscles loosen enough to consider heaving my rucksack up onto my back, and today was no exception.

I won't lie, it is pissing me off now. A succession of physiotherapy appointments completed unsuccessfully, prescribed Diclofenac barely making a difference, and a referral to an upper limb specialist booked for the week before my flight, my hopes really rest on getting a pain relieving cortisone injection as soon as possible.

I decided that the best course of action this weekend was to forget a 3 day trek with camping; instead I would complete a couple of circular walks with 15kg, the average weight for my Bibbulmun trek, and return to the comforts of home.

First up, a drive in the mizzle to the mausoleum on West Wycombe Hill and a straightforward walk north to Lodge Hill, with a return to the car park. Sunday had me driving out to Ibstone, with more favourable weather; a slightly shorter route but with more ascent.

The outcome was there was no detrimental impact on the injury; walking with a heavy pack appears to pose no problem. It is the issue with sleeping that has the potential to put a dampner on the challenge.

It really would make the whole adventure more enjoyable if it could be eased, if not resolved and I have now been placed on a cancellation list with the local CT Ultrasound Department. Back in the office this morning, I am eagerly waiting for that last minute call to rush up the hospital to get that jab; it could come any minute, it could be another couple of weeks...


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