Australia: Overland Track Day 2 - Waterfall Valley to Windermere

Day 2: Back on the track
Day 2: Off to Windermere

Common consensus amongst everyone in the hut was that they were all going to skip Windermere Hut and crack on to New Pelion. This meant that, unless any of today’s starters skipped Waterfall Valley, I was in for a quiet night!

Day 2: Lake Holmes
Lake Holmes

I set off about 8:30 am. It was a short leg of 7.75km along Waterfall Valley, in and out of the cloud, to Lake Windermere. Before the drop down to the lake, I managed to get my last mobile reception so I sent off a text to let all know I was still alive, and doing ok.

Day 2: ascending to Windermere Hut
Ascending to Windermere Hut

Lake Windermere was beautiful! I stopped at its shore for awhile, in the warm sunshine, and took in the scenery, before heading up to the hut.

Day 2: Lake Windermere
Lake Windermere

There was a ranger here, and so I consoled myself with the knowledge I wasn’t entirely alone.

Day 2: Boardwalk to Windermere Hut
Boardwalk near Windermere Hut

The afternoon was spent chilling and wandering around the area.

Day 2: Windermere Hut
Windermere Hut

Day 2: Windermere Hut
Lake Windermere Hut

A slight problem; my Katadyn Water Filter broke and I was now going to have to boil my water for the remainder of the trip; I hoped I had enough gas to last that long! I made a mental note to always carry Chlorine Dioxide tablets for occasions just like this.

Day 2: Wallaby
The local neighbourhood Wallaby

Late afternoon, three hikers walked in for a look around. I thought I had companions, but no, they were a group from Cradle Huts; a private tour who get pampered in luxury huts with fine meals and proper beds.

Later, I went for a walk, and met up with a wombat on the path near the campsites. He had no fears of meeting me, and carried on as usual.

Day 2: Wombat
The local neighbourhood Wombat!

Back at the hut, it did seem very lonely. I was starting to imagine I could hear voices, and kept looking out for new arrivals, but no one was there. As darkness fell, I made dinner, and was in my sleeping bag by 8pm.


  1. Wombats can be hard to find at times! You've done well there with that photo.

    I'm with you Paul regarding this day. I did the same distance, although I did manage to sneak over to Lake Will. If you've got the time, why race ahead all the way to Pelion? Lots of people do that though and I wonder what the rush is!

    It's nice to have an easy day and get to the destination nice and early for a look around.

    1. Caught him on video too, Greg.

      Such a great animal, I want one!

      The real advantage of walking alone is you tend to see more of the locals.

      I don't see the rush to go anywhere. "Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey" is my motto! :)


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