Australia: The Overland Track 2011 - Update

Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake
Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake
Sometimes things don't go as planned. This was one of those occasions. I'm now sitting here back in Sydney, after a disappointing week in Tasmania that resulted in NO Overland Track trip.

Unfortunately, the flight over was not kind to me. I awoke ten hours into my final leg, to find my back had seized up. For those that have not had back pain, it is difficult to comprehend, but it is not just your back that suffers. For days afterwards I was experiencing pain in my legs and arms which is particularly worrying after a long haul flight. Sleep was also an issue, affected not only by the pain, but the time difference as well. Add to that the guilt and anxiety I was feeling for potentially ruining Paul and Maria's trip, I was experiencing the odd panic attack as well!

When we arrived in Launceston, I took myself to a doctor. He went some way to ease my fears, and the decision was taken to reschedule the walk by a couple of days. Maria and Paul were patient; but time ran out and I had to accept I would not be fit enough to complete the walk. Foiled for the second time!

So, instead, we spent a week in Tassie, travelling around. A few days later I was well enough to try a gentle bushwalk on the Freycinet Peninsula and Wineglass Bay.

Finally, we made it to Cradle Mountain, where we spent a night and enjoyed two walks in the region. Not what was planned, but that can't be helped.

Epilepsy Action
I'd like to thank all those that sponsored us, sorry that the outcome wasn't more of a happy one, but please be reassured that your money has gone to a very worthy cause.


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