Switzerland: The Italian Job

Alpine meadow near Binntallhutte

There is something exciting about walking over a mountain range into another country, so the opportunity to do so couldn't be missed!

Richard, Jack, Jim and I took up the mission to invade Italy via the Albrunpass, and we headed off to Imfeld where you can park the car. The route we took involved a fair amount of road walking for the first few miles but eventually we were on the "Birchweg" and descending to a crossing of the Binna river.

The valley is renowned for its rich mineral deposits, and the floor is littered with quartz that glitters in the intense sun along the route.

Alpine flowers
Alpine Flowers

From Freichi, we climbed up into a simply stunning alpine meadow, where the Binntallhutte could be seen nestled below our objective, the Albrunpass. The wildflowers we saw there were vibrant blues, purples, pinks and yellows. Add to that the white dolomite rocks, cascading waterfalls and rich green pasture, the whole vista was quite an emotional one!

Bocchetta d'Arbola 2409m
Bocchetta d'Arbola

A quick bowl of coffee at the Binntalhutte, and then upwards another 150m to the Albrunpass, where you cross the border into Italy. We stayed a while, the others scrambling up on one of the hills above the pass to get a better view whilst I pottered around taking more photos of the flora in the area.


Returning, we retraced our steps to the hut for some lunch, and then along the other bank of the river, via a lake called Halsesesee. This route didn't involve any road until the last couple of kilometres and was much more interesting.

Crossing the Binna

Back at Imfeld, we ducked into a hut to get a drink and ice cream. I was so dehydrated that the very large glass of cool Ice Tea was probably the best drink I have ever tasted in my 46 years! Seriously, I didn't know whether to drink it or sleep with it! ;-)
Jack beside Hallesee
Jack beside Hallesee

Rich beside Hallesee
Rich relaxing by Hallesee

  • Date: 06/07/10
  • Region: Albrunpass, Switzerland
  • Status: Equals
  • Description: Imfeld – Freichi - Chiestafel - Binntallhutte – Albrunpass – Halsesesee – Furggmatta – Imfeld – Sunny, 17.5km, 1151m Ascent, 6h
  • Type of Walk: International Personal Walking - Summer Conditions


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