Nepal: Annapurna Base Camp Trail - 4

Mountain vista from Tadapani
Mountain vista from Tadapani Tea House
A pretty gruelling nine hour day, especially for Will who became the second to come down with a virus! Whereas Jim had suffered the day before but had come through it, his fever stage had been at night. Will, however, had to endure his high temperature bout through the day.

This was always going to be one of the longer days. From Tadapani we descended to Ghurnang (2060m) and contoured the hills on some dusty and narrow tracks with some nervy drops, to Chhomrong for a recommended pizza lunch.

Will wandered in late with Tanya, who had also succombed to an illness and she slept the length of our break.

Chhomrong lunch stop
Chhomrong lunch stop
Chhomrong has some crippling steps down to the suspension bridge crossing of the river which bears it's name, and then a punishing climb up to finish the day.

On the other side of the river, Diane, Jim and I looked back to see Will labouring down the steps, a long way behind, so we opted to wait while the others went ahead. When Will finally caught up with us, a porter took his rucksack and he continued the ascent to Sinuwa (2360m) taking plenty of rests.

Sinuwa Tea House
Sinuwa Tea House 
Sinuwa Lodge was a welcome sight, and Will went straight to bed. My fear was that my two room mates had both come down with a virus, and I wondered if I would be next!

The view from Sinuwa Tea House
The view from Sinuwa Lodge
  • Route: Tadapani - Komrong – Kimrong – Chomrong – Sinuwa 
  • Ascent: 980m
  • Descent: 1255m 
  • Duration: 9 hours
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