Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Nepal: One eye on...

Everything was going so well; I had picked up all those last minute items for the trip (diarrohea remedies, chlorine tablets etc.), and managed to pack with days to spare! Add to that, my work was close to being in a suitable state to let me disappear for a couple of weeks without having to worry about it.

Then I awoke on Tuesday morning to find my right eye was completely bloodshot. Deciding to rest from working on a pc all day, and with one eye on Nepal, so to speak, I took the day off and headed down to the optician to check this was nothing more sinister than just me sleeping too heavily on one side or something ridiculous like that.

The optician told me I had a viral infection and to try some Chloramphenicol eye drops. I was a little surprised when she added that if it had not improved by the next morning, I was to go up to A&E and see someone in the eye clinic to get some antibiotics. Normally, they would allow the eye drops 48 hours, but as I was heading off to Nepal on Friday, it was best to hurry things along.

So here I am, after thinking things were going too smoothly and I was a little too relaxed, now taking two hour drops and anxiously hoping this starts to show the signs of clearing up in the next 16 hours!

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