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Dartmoor: More Tors and Rocks near Hennock

The hills and woods on the eastern edge of Dartmoor really are a treasure trove of hidden outcrops. Rarely visited, many are more impressive than the more well known, and I always look forward to a walk in this area. I can have no better guide than Tim Jenkinson, who, on this trip, was introducing me to a couple of his previous finds as well as seeking out a couple of new outcrops that a fellow tor bagger, Max Piper, had recently discovered.

Dartmoor: A rummage around Canonteign Down

Looking at the Ordnance Survey map, Tim had spotted a potential undocumented tor, above Canonteign Falls; a marked area of exposed rock. When he showed me it, I too was keen to check it out, so we came up with a route to explore the Canonteign Down area in addition to revisiting Hyner Rocks.

Dartmoor: Winter walk to Branscombe's Loaf

Snow had arrived on Dartmoor a couple of days after Christmas, but I had yet to take a walk over the festive period thanks to a virus. When I got the chance, on the 28th, the best had gone, but there was still enough to make a short stroll up to Branscombe's Loaf worthwhile.

Dartmoor: Badger's Holt

With a second exploration of Buckland Woods complete and wary of the difficulty we had finding somewhere to get a bite and a pint last time, Tim Jenkinson and I headed to Dartmeet and Badger's Holt. It gave me a chance to view some outcrops Tim had mentioned, close to the cafe, that, inexplicably, (and to my shame!), I have walked passed countless times without noticing.