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Dartmoor: Coombe Tor

Coombe Tor is on private land. It is not a minor transgression from a footpath or a harmless hop over a gate; it is half a kilometre from the nearest right of way, within dense woodland left to encourage wildlife, and surrounded by a patchwork of fields. The responsible course of action is to seek the kind permission of the landowner.

Dartmoor: A Tor named "Granate" - part two

After I had written up my previous post on Granate Tor, I was pretty sure I hadn't found it. I soon received more information, via Tim Jenkinson, and uncovered a later map that placed the forgotten tor in a different location. Problem was, both pieces of information contradicted each other. I was going to have to get out there and investigate both.

Dartmoor: A Tor named "Granate" - part one

Every time I get wind of a tor I haven't heard of before, the urge to get out there and find it takes hold. Less than 24 hours had passed, from my attention being captured, and I was venturing out in a brief window between the rain, in search of "Granate" Tor.