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Dartmoor: Tors and Rocks from Bedford Bridge to Double Waters

Today was a scorcher, and I made the sensible decision to pick out a gentle river walk, somewhere with ample opportunity to dip my hat and cool down. I parked up at Bedford Bridge, south of Tavistock; I had planned to start from Grenofen Bridge but I missed the turning and so lengthened my walk.

Dartmoor: Hidden Tors on Trendlebere Down

Fresh from a successful morning foray to Oddy Tor, we arrived back at the Manaton car park with time on our side. Tim earlier suggested he show me a hidden outcrop on the steep slopes of Trendlebere Down, a short drive to the south of here, a five minute drive.

Dartmoor: Oddy, Nympenhole, Viper - separating fact from fiction

A few weeks ago, Tim Jenkinson emailed me a link to an online reference of a long forgotten tor curiously called Nympenhole. It was part of an article about Hameldown and within it, an author, named Sir Walter Besant, described the views from King's Tor. I tracked down the origins of this and found a fictional tale called "To Call Her Mine". A bit of further research and I then conveyed my thoughts of a possible location to Tim, they coincided with his suspicions. We decided that, even though the book was fiction, it was still well worth a look. First opportunity to meet up, we set off from the car park in Manaton, excited to go in search of a lost tor.

Dartmoor: Hurston Castle Tor, Tunnaford Rocks, Meldon Hill

Earlier in the week, a fellow tor bagger, named Kerry Pearn, contacted me, via my Facebook page, asking about the list I was ticking off and she mentioned one missing from my collection. It wasn't the first time I had heard of Hurston Castle Tor because it had a place on another list I have, that being tors and rocks to research once I had finished my initial task. But a little more investigation piqued my interest and I decided to go looking for it earlier than planned.