Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Dartmoor: A Shelstone Tor Wild Camp

West Okement Valley near Slipper Stones
West Okement Valley, near the Slipper Stones
Waking with a throat that felt like I had swallowed barb wire, it probably wasn't the smartest idea to head out for a wild camp, but Matthew was still hanging around after New Year and I didn't really want to bail on him.

Dartmoor: Buckland Beacon and other rocks

Buckland Beacon
Buckland Beacon
The murk of New Years Day had gone, replaced by a stunning, but cold, morning. My choice of a walk to Buckland Beacon made for a difficult drive on the east side of the moor with the glare of a very low winter sun.

Dartmoor: two New Year walks

Goat Rock
Goat Rock
I met up with friends in Princetown for a couple of days walking over the new year holiday. Two short walks, nothing strenuous, as this was more about socialising than the walks themselves.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Dartmoor: the hanging stone on "Newtake" Hill

The Hangingstone
The Hanging Stone

I've been out to Hangingstone Hill many times, but, it dawned on me that I had not visited the stone itself! It would appear to be a long way to go to see a fairly unremarkable outcrop, but the route out from Belstone is one of the best circulars you could hope to do on Dartmoor.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Dartmoor: Christmas Eve and Boxing Day walks

Oke Tor
Oke Tor

I intended to spend the festive period getting out onto the moor as often as I could. My original idea was to venture to the south-east and explore the tors and rocks I have yet to bag, but the distances to travel over short days (and the extensive football TV coverage) would make that difficult. Instead, I adopted a more leisurely approach. Here are two short walks I took over the Christmas period;