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The Devon Coast to Coast Revisited

The Devon Coast to Coast / Two Moors Way is a 117 mile long distance trail that I had first attempted way back in 2009. On that occasion it was a south to north affair that ended mid morning of day three, down by the River Dart at New Bridge. The rain had finally took its toll on my morale and with the prospect of a long day to Chagford and no let up in the inclement weather, I took pity on myself and gave up.

Dartmoor: Arch Tor

After my unscheduled lunch stop at the Fox Tor Cafe, to sit out the fog, I jumped back in the car for the drive home. As I left Princetown, heading towards Bellever, I was thrilled to see the clouds had yet to form in these parts and the sun shone unhindered. Time to visit Arch Tor.

Dartmoor: Gipsy Rock

I had planned on tidying up some stragglers this Sunday, with a few short walks in the south-west corner of Dartmoor, but some midday mist made the task of photographing new tors and rocks pointless. Instead, I managed two gentle rambles, adding two more rocks to my tally. First up, Gipsy Rock.

Dartmoor: In search of Chub Tor

Sunday morning, I left the overcast skies of Okehampton, heading to the western side of Dartmoor, where the countryside bathed in warm sunshine. Well, that's how it felt from the car, but when I had parked up on the edge of Roborough Down, I stepped out into a biting wind which had me layering up smartish!