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Dartmoor: Tors and Rocks out of Powdermills

Fourth weekend of October, a small group of Social Hikers met up at the Powdermills Bunkhouse for a spot of socialising and walking. I joined them on the Saturday morning for the main hike of the weekend, one that started straight from the front door of our accommodation.

Dartmoor: In search of Water Rock and other tors

Since I started out on this tor bagging challenge, I've been intrigued by the introduction of new ones that have not been cataloged, or were simply forgotten. Many have been brought to my attention thanks to the fine work of Tim Jenkinson. It began with an article in Dartmoor Magazine, which led me to his excellent Flickr album: East Dartmoor Lesser Known Tors and Rocks. My plan today was to go in search of Water Rock, Mill Bottom (North) and Mill Bottom (South), in addition to visiting the more well known Gradner Rocks.

Dartmoor: A visit to the Slipper Stones and other assorted rocks

It was the third day of an August Bank Holiday weekend; we had just spent the previous two days hiking from Okehampton to Fur Tor and back so nothing too strenuous was the order of the day. With the intention of throwing in a number of unvisited tors for my companions, Rich and Cath, we had to keep in mind that they both had trains to catch in Exeter late that afternoon. I chose Meldon Reservoir, and very glad I did!

Dartmoor: Okehampton to Fur Tor two day circular

It was a mini-social hiking wild camping meet over the August bank holiday weekend, with Cath and Rich journeying down to the south-west for a two day hike to Fur Tor, where we would be met by Phil and Sarah. There are simpler routes to take to the "Maiden of the Moor", but for some reason I thought that it would be a good idea to start from my doorstep, in Okehampton.