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Dartmoor: The Tors and Rocks around Poundsgate

The last time I was at the car park at Newbridge, I was calling it a day on my Coast to Coast - Two Moors Way attempt. It was a horrid couple of days, with plenty of rain and a number of blisters. On a tight schedule, dictated by pre-booked accommodation, I couldn't take a day off and had to throw in the towel a couple of miles into torrential rain on the third day. The Visitor Centre allowed me to call for a lift and I sheltered there in the company of the Ranger. Being back here, the temporary building is long gone and the weather couldn't have been any different. But this time I wasn't here to continue my journey to Lynmouth, this was to bag the tors and rocks around Poundsgate.

Dartmoor: A wild camp on Hameldown

Back to July. After a good day walking in the Dartmeet area, Matthew, Jim and I joined Colin and Neil at the Old Inn, in Widecombe. After a quick cider and a purchase of a few takeaway bottles of Dartmoor IPA, we parked up in the security of the pub car park, gathered our gear, then headed off to ascend Hameldown for a wild camp.

Dartmoor: Tors and Rocks out of Dartmeet

Late July weekend, five of us converged on Dartmoor with the intention of climbing the Social Hiking Tor Bagging Ladder and a wild camp into the bargain. With Colin and his brother Neil heading for the Hound Tor area, whilst Jim, Matthew and I were bound for Dartmeet. Both our parties went separate ways after a breakfast at the Fox Tor Cafe, agreeing to meet up at the Old Inn, in Widecombe, that evening. Let the day begin!