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Dartmoor: the tors and rocks south east of widecombe

It was with some trepidation that I began another outing in the Haytor area. This time there was the potential of twelve bags, ten of which would be first time visits. One tor was always going to be a real challenge and the route I had planned was an erratic affair that involved some back tracking and plenty of reliance on good terrain. It proved tougher than I had imagined.

Dartmoor: lesser known tors and rocks of haytor down

I was sat in the Fox Tor Cafe; outside the clag had closed in and the will to step onto the moor was dwindling. I reminded myself that although Princetown was in cloud, there was every possibility that there would be somewhere on the moor that would be faring better. Time to jump into the car and seek it out.

Dartmoor: The Tors and Rocks above Wapsworthy

We were being spoilt this weekend; another dry warm and sunny day greeted us, and this time we were going to enjoy the open moor, steering clear of the woods below. We were picking up some tors missed from yesterday, a route that had been a touch ambitious in the heat.

Dartmoor: Forbidden Tors and more on the River Tavy

It was a humid day, one where a walk up on the high moor, accompanied by refreshing cool breezes was called for. For some reason Jim, Matthew and I opted for something a little more challenging, among the rugged woodland banks of the River Tavy.