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Dartmoor: Blackator Rocks

I first became aware there was something amiss when Phil Sorrell mentioned that my photo of Blacka Tor (East Dart) in my post "Dartmoor: The Tors and Rocks around Bellever" didn't look like the tor he had seen on Twitter. He sent me the tweet and it bared no resemblance to where I had visited. I did some digging, or Googling, and I found further images of "Blackator Rocks"; an impressive outcrop perched on the bank of the East Dart. Far more imposing than the short rounded granite, partially hidden in undergrowth, further up the hill.

Dartmoor: The Tors and Rocks of Lustleigh

The morning of New Years Eve was a beauty, and marked contrast from the day before. After seeing the high River Tavy crashing through Tavistock, the waters tumbling over Meldon Dam, and the surface water on the roads between the two, we, @jimwonder and I, were mindful that river crossings would be hazardous, and planned accordingly! Time to explore the tors around Lustleigh, and what a cracking day it was!

Dartmoor: The Tors and Rocks around Bellever

It seems to me that a lot of my posts begin with a reference to the weather and I'm afraid this one is no different! Listening to the gale lashing the rain against the windows in the early hours, I was wondering if my route that morning would be worth it, as it had been planned with the promise of a sunny day.