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Dartmoor: The search for Lowton Rocks

Back in October 2015, I went in search of Lowton Rocks, buried within Fernworthy Forest. My attempt was a frustrating affair, compounded by the fact the coordinates I had were wrong, the granite tor is low and flat, and the Forestry Commission have re-planted there, making it now impossible to see unless you are actually standing on it. The Tor Bagging equivalent of a needle in a haystack!

Dartmoor: The Tors and Rocks between the Warren House Inn and Widecombe

If you're looking for a fairly straightforward walk that will capture the beauty of the open moor in one go, you can't go far wrong with the Two Moors Way section along the Hameldown ridge. As well as having pubs located at both ends, it has sweeping views of the national park. I've walked the down many times and I will never tire of it. Today, was a bit different, with the small hindrance of "Storm Desmond" attempting to knock myself, Phil (@DaylighGambler) and Sarah (@PascallSarah) off the hill!

Dartmoor: The Tors and Rocks out of Manaton

With the promise of a chill wind with gusts up to 50 mph and relentless rain, Phil Sorrell (@DaylightGambler), Rich Flint (@FlintyRich), Colin Astbury (@ColinAstbury) and I stepped out this weekend to visit an area none of us had trod before. I had plotted a circular that offered a mixture of woodland and moor. It also included a visit to one of the most famous rocks on Dartmoor.