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Dartmoor: a mini expedition to "Buck-Sorrell" Rocks

We stepped out of the Plume bunkhouse to sunny blue skies, a chill wind and crisp ground underfoot. More snow overnight and a drop in temperature in the early hours had left the pub car park frozen, and so, once again, we would be embarking on a walk straight from Princetown. The task of getting to the main road could wait till the sun had done its work.

Australia: Bushfires on the Bibb and looking to the Cape to Cape

This has been a sad week for me. With thoughts now turning to my Easter tramp of the Cape to Cape Track, in Western Australia, memories of my previous long distance outing in the state have come to the fore.

Dartmoor: A cold winter walk to the north of Princetown

All week +Matthew King+Phil Sorrell and I had been chatting online about the prospects of snow on Dartmoor at the weekend. As the time to depart drew closer, the forecast confirmed it. It promised lots of it too, so much so that I became increasingly concerned about committing to a weekend up in Princetown, when there was every chance that I may not actually get back for work the following Monday.

Dartmoor: The Tors (and rocks) on and around the roof of Devon

As well as a good day on the hill, today's objective was to pick up a couple of bags that have eluded me, despite my walking here for over a decade. There was also an outside chance that if the day progressed well, then +Richard Flint might even overtake +Matthew King in the Dartmoor Tor and Rocks Bagging List, albeit for a week. Let the games commence!

Dartmoor: The Tors (and rocks) of Throwleigh, Gidleigh and South Tawton Commonland

The pull up the road from the car park in South Zeal, towards Ramsley Hill, was a rude awakening after nigh on three weeks recuperating from my previous visit to Dartmoor over the holiday season. After so long suffering from a mystery chest infection, I was apprehensive about the day but eager to prove to myself that I had turned a corner; that I was back!