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Dartmoor: The Tors of the East Okement

Last time I got to walk with Matthew (@hillplodder), was in the Lake District. I was still suffering from this bloody chest infection, and we only managed a short wander up Latrigg, so I was really looking forward to meeting up with him for a few days walking on Dartmoor. Sadly, I would only manage the one tor bagging session in his company but it was a good one!

South-West Coastal Path: an "away day" from Dartmoor

My mate Jim arrived last night at the bunkhouse and made a radical suggestion; a walk on the South-West Coast Path, and not Dartmoor! The very idea would delay my attempt to reach 200 by the end of this particular trip, but I figured I had plenty of opportunity to pass that landmark, with 5 days still to go. Besides, with my aches and pains persisting, the mention of a few pubs en route made it sound like a bit of a rest day; how very very wrong I was!

Dartmoor: A short "stroll" out from Princetown

I woke with the early twinges of a back problem. I must have over exerted myself the day before as a pulled muscle in my upper back had begun to niggle and my persistent chest infection was aggravating it. I decided to take it easy this morning with a couple of hours in the Fox Tor Cafe, uploading photos and writing my next blog post. I planned to get out in the afternoon to tidy up a couple of missed tors alongside the disused railway near Princetown.

Dartmoor: The Tors of Hameldown and Challacombe Down

I was hardly up at the crack of dawn today. I had "strange bed syndrome" at the Fox Tor Cafe bunkhouse and with the heavy frost on the car, I chose to stay in the warm a bit longer and let the sun rise higher in the sky. I went for a leisurely breakfast in the cafe before setting off to the Warren House Inn, the start of my walk today.

Dartmoor: The Tors around the Merrivale Stone Rows

Foul weather on Boxing Day had me changing my mind, and I did not travel up to Princetown until the next morning. Today, conditions were forecast to be “sunshine and showers, maybe wintery in places”, so I booked into the Fox Tor Cafe Bunkhouse about 10am, and after breakfast, I was back out to the car park above Merrivale, on the B3357.