Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Dartmoor: Social Hiking Meet - Pt 2

Outcrop below Cox Tor
A yet to be named outcrop below Cox Tor
Sunday morning, after breakfast, we said goodbye to Rik, then the rest of us drove to the Cox Tor car park for a "two part" walk. The rain, that had begun to fall the moment we finished yesterdays ramble at Haytor, had finally buggered off, and we were treated to a chilly day, with excellent visibility, affording fine views of West Devon and Cornwall.

Dartmoor: Social Hiking Meet - Pt 1

Bovey Rock Group Photo
Bovey Rock Group Photo: Cath (@wellycath), Matthew (@hillplodder), Phil (@daylightgambler), Jim (@jimwonder),  Rich (@flintyrich), Rik (@richardhubbuck) and Dean (@dean_read)
When I raised the idea of a few Social Hiking friends joining me for a couple of days on Dartmoor, little did I know that the majority would take me up on the offer! I was pleased they accepted, but it did pile a little pressure on me to meet a, to be fair, self imposed, criteria that would make them fall in love with my favourite national park, and have them chomping at the bit to return.