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Dartmoor: The Burrator Perambulation for Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team (Plymouth) PT.2

This was proving to be a cracking day for a walk. Continuing on from part one, we were making good time on the Burrator Perambulation. Having passed the cut off point of Cramber Tor an hour and ten minutes before the deadline, the pressure to catch up with the rest had subsided.

Dartmoor: The Burrator Perambulation for Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team (Plymouth) PT.1

The morning promised a great deal. The fog that had shrouded Princetown overnight had retreated above North Hessary Tor, and only the television mast was obscured from view. All signs were for a good day.

Dartmoor: The Tors of Bridestowe and Sourton Common Land (South)

Back for a weekend on Dartmoor, Rich Flint and I spent Saturday embarked on a bagging session; a prelude to the Burrator Perambulation in aid of Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team (Plymouth), the following day. Initial plan was for ambitious distance across some high saturated areas, but as we ended up in clag for most of the day, it was pretty unrealistic.

Dartmoor: A wild camp at foggintor quarry

When I'm not feeling the love at work, I always want to escape to my happy place. Problem is, when your happy place is over two hundred miles away, it isn't always that simple! So, next best thing is to escape to this blog and write about walking on Dartmoor. This particular post has been a long time coming; a hectic schedule has meant it has been low on my list of things to do. But now, with me hitting the proverbial brick wall, it is time to stop stressing, distract myself from the mayhem running amok at work, and complete this particular trip report.