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Dartmoor: The Tors east of Peter Tavy

Familiar ground today, with the added spice of taking more time to stop and really appreciate the surroundings. What I am learning from this Tor Bagging malarkey is that it isn't all about tick lists and targets; it slows your pace, encourages you to explore, introduces you to a greater awareness of the environment, and strengthens the passion you have for the place you are walking in.

Dartmoor: another Sheeps Tor wildcamp

Continuing our adventures after our morning stroll (my previous post HERE), we left Princetown early afternoon. Our destination was to be Sheeps Tor for a wild camp. Time would tell how we fared, as the weather was looking ominous; a reliable prediction of a soggy conclusion to the day hanging over us!

Dartmoor: a busy morning; a stroll, Active Summer, and the Dartmoor Timelapse Film

My weekend was pretty much going to be the usual smash and grab on the South-West, sandwiched between the drive to and from London. What I didn't expect was that, on Thursday night, when in a tweet to @FlintyRich, I extended an offer to join me on Dartmoor, the said offer would be taken up!

Dartmoor: a sweltering tor bagging, wild camping, social hiking field test

This weekend was to be an exciting one for me. This trip was the culmination of my collating Dartmoor Tor related data from various sources, and the masterful work of +Phil Sorrell, creator of, moulding it into a valuable tool for both Social Hikers and Tor Baggers! This weekend, in addition to a wild camp on Pew Tor, we were going to give this, soon to be released, addition to the site a field test!