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Switzerland: Bettmeralp, Riederalp, Riederfurka, Hohflüh

Today, my last walk and I had a long route planned. With near perfect conditions (it could have been a little cooler!) affording views as far as the iconic Matterhorn and the mighty Weisshorn, I wanted to take in the majority of the beautiful wide ridge that stood between Riederfurka and Bettmerhorn.

Switzerland: Fiescheralp to Marjelesee

Right on cue, when I had reached my last destination, the sun was shining! It always seems to be shining in Fiesch! I just love this area of the Valais, and the two walks in this region perfectly display its appeal.

Switzerland: St. Moritz, and Brambruesch to Chloster

My last day in Chur, and I overslept! The celebrations that went into the night, car horns hooting in celebration of the German, their neighbours', World Cup win over Argentina, obviously kept me awake.

Switzerland: above Chur

It had seemed a lot longer than just 3 days ago that I was out hiking. My train journey from Zermatt to Chur, in the Graubunden region, had taken the best part of Thursday under gloomy skies, and on Friday I was resigned to exploring the city as there was no way anyone should be out on the mountains in this awful weather.

Switzerland: Sunegga, Furggegga, Tufteren circular

When it comes to hiking, Tuesday had been a complete write off. Except for an excellent 7-1 victory by the Germans over Brazil, there was little to be enthused about.
Wednesday morning promised much more. Looking out of my dorm window, I could see the shroud had lifted somewhat, and there were even chinks of blue in the air. Time to get breakfast done with and stretch those legs, which were already feeling it from a sedentary day.

Switzerland: Gornegrat to Zermatt

Ready to write the day off in town on Monday morning, I awoke to see the Matterhorn had made a brief appearance. The sight of this iconic mountain perked me up, and blue sky had me making my way down to Tasch to take a taxi up to Taschalp for my first planned walk.

Switzerland: Montreux

I am currently typing this post from the foyer of the youth hostel in Zermatt, looking out at the low cloud and steady rainfall, waiting patiently for a chink in the gloom. Four days in, this particular trip to Switzerland had started so well.