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The Bibbulmun Track: Food

Organising food for a trek in Australia, before you enter the country, can be problematic. Aussie Quarantine laws restrict certain food stuffs being bought into the country, so you cannot bring in your favourite meals, bought or personally de-hydrated, and you have to do all your shopping when you arrive.

The Bibbulmun Track: Weather

Here in the UK, It's a real effort to want to perform any form of exercise in the current climate. It's much easier to open windows, fashion a cooling breeze through the house, relax in front of the Ashes cricket on the TV, and watch the weekend melt away.

Dartmoor: Steeperton Tor

I was sat in the Fox Tor Cafe in Princetown about 11:00am, and outside it was 27 degrees celsius with wall to wall sunshine. I had time to kill, I was in no hurry to venture out. The heat wave was no time to push myself too far, which meant if I set off early, I would make camp early afternoon and spend a long day chasing shadows around a tor to stay cool. 
I decided on Belstone village, on the northern boundary of the national park, as the place to leave the car, and it was around one in the afternoon when I stepped out onto the moor to camp on the summit of Steeperton Tor, by the army hut. It proved to be a wonderful night!

Dartmoor: Sheeps Tor and going solo

Back in March 2011, I set out to Sheeps Tor, on Dartmoor, with the intention of wild camping solo for the first time. When I arrived there I realised I had left my mobile in full view in my car, back in Princetown, and I also later discovered I had left my food on my bed over 200 miles away, at home! I immediately turned around and went back! Every visit to this tor has since had me meaning to return to do the job properly.