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GR221–The Drystone Way, Mallorca

I had never considered going to Spain for a holiday, let alone it being a walking destination (Camino de Santiago excepted). Hands up on my part; poor racial stereotyping has had me view this nation as one where tradition justified animal cruelty and one that was sponging subsidies off the European Union with little care for its partners; in hindsight I realise that I shouldn’t have taken Jeremy Clarkson so seriously in his series “Meet The Neighbours”, but with those thoughts it was with some trepidation that I joined Will4Adventure on a four day walking trip in Mallorca along the GR221.

In true Mediterranean style, the GR221 isn’t quite finished yet; the sections in the west are subject to land access issues, limited accommodation, poor signage and difficult route navigation. When it is, it will be a magnificent 8 day walk, and one I fully intend to return to and do in its entirety. Of those legs that are up to scratch, we were here to traverse four of them.

Meeting up with Will an…

Dartmoor: High Willhays via Homerton Hill Cist

Back to the north; a quick excursion from Meldon Reservoir to High Willhays, and back, bagging Black Tor, Fordsland Ledge and Yes Tor along the way.

Dartmoor: Haytor Rocks Circular

A great circular near Widecombe, that can take in ten tors, although I only managed nine on this occasion.

Let battle commence!

I’ve had to sit down; I don’t know if it is a result of the physical exertion of climbing onto the bathroom scales, or the shock of the reality that I weigh the heaviest I have in my entire life!
Whilst in recent weeks I have been diligently planning for my big trip next year, and ensuring my gear will be as light as it can be without compromising comfort, I have been distracted and unforgivably ignored the most important factor; shedding the copious excess weight from myself and not just the backpack!