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Epilepsy: one

“Imagine you are going about your daily life, and a totally random thought pops into your head. That thought is irrelevant, and yet you find yourself asking why on earth you had it. You never get an answer; instead you are querying the reason behind why you are questioning the thought in the first place. By now, the original thought is forgotten and you are too busy wondering why you have begun to question the reason behind the reason to question the reason for the irrelevant thought, whatever the bloody hell  that was! Confused? you should be… and then… you hit the floor!”

Brecon Beacons: Talybont Reservoir Circular

My head was definitely a little fuzzy when I stirred on Saturday. It had been twenty to one in the morning when we had finally got back to the tents, and with a couple too many beers, the writing was on the wall (or it was for me, anyway!).