Australia: The Overland Track 2012 in aid of Epilepsy Action

Day 1: Cradle Mountain and Kitchen Hut
Cradle Mountain and Kitchen Hut
I had a letter from Epilepsy Action land on my door mat the other week; it said that every day, 87 people receive the news that they have got epilepsy. I found that a staggering statistic!

Epilepsy can strike anyone, at any time in their life. Perhaps, like me, it has affected you or someone close to you. It can be such a shock - a bolt out of the blue - that it's no wonder people with epilepsy say they were scared and desperate for answers after their seizure.*

That is where Epilepsy Action come in. Epilepsy Action is the largest member-led epilepsy organisation in Britain, acting as the voice for the UK's estimated 600,000 people with epilepsy, as well as their friends, families, carers, health professionals and the many other people on whose lives the condition has an impact.*

They help people seeking the right medical treatment and care. They have helped people prescribed the wrong Anti Epilepsy Drugs and having side effects sometimes worse than the seizures themselves. They have helped those looking for their nearest specialist nurse or hungry for information about their suitability for surgery.*

Now, this is where you and I come in;
You may recall that last year I was walking the Overland Track in Tasmania to raise funds for Epilepsy Action. You may also remember that my attempt failed dismally, before I even set foot on the trail! Well, I thought I owed it to those that gave to this worthy cause, and, of course, having failed twice now, I had something to prove to myself, so I went back to try again.

At the moment, I am here in sunny Perth, Western Australia, after returning from Tasmania, completing the track on the 5th April 2012.

I didn’t mail out a big plea this year because I know that many of you gave generously last year, so this is really just an opportunity for those that didn't donate, but would like to this time. Of course, if you did give last year, and want to do so again, I won’t complain!

If you would, please go to to make a donation. Thanks for your support, and if you want to read my blog of the journey, click HERE.

* information taken from Epilepsy Action

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