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Australia: The Overland Track 2012 in aid of Epilepsy Action

I had a letter from Epilepsy Action land on my door mat the other week; it said that every day, 87 people receive the news that they have got epilepsy. I found that a staggering statistic!

Australia: Overland Track Day 6 - Bert Nicholls to Lake St. Clair

I had a terrible night. My left arm was in a constant state of being either dead, or having pins and needles, and I just couldn’t get comfortable. I was happy to be finishing today. Keen to get underway today, I returned the books to the Ranger, and left the hut just before 8am.

Australia: Overland Track Day 5 - Kia Ora to Bert Nichols

On top form today, I left Kia Ora at 8.10am, in sunny cool weather. The majority of today was through rainforest. My first stop was at a clearing where Du Cane Hut sat, before re-entering the forest.

Australia: Overland Track Day 4 - New Pelion to Kia Ora

When I awoke, first thing I noticed was the humidity. The hut was surrounded in a mist, and with the prospect of a climb up through rainforest, I wasn’t looking forward to this first section. This was a tough one for me today.

Australia: Overland Track Day 3 - Windermere to New Pelion

The longest distance today; 16.75km, and I was up at first light. I was in my element! Moorland and mist for the early part of the morning, it could have been Dartmoor with duckboards, for all I knew! The air was cool, perfect for walking, and I happily ate up the distance across Pine Forest Moor, popping in and out of woodland.

Australia: Overland Track Day 2 - Waterfall Valley to Windermere

Common consensus amongst everyone in the hut was that they were all going to skip Windermere Hut and crack on to New Pelion. This meant that, unless any of today’s starters skipped Waterfall Valley, I was in for a quiet night!