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Chiltern Way 2: Chalfont St Giles to Marlow Bottom

I am absolutely convinced that I am a medical conundrum! Whenever I make an effort to get into shape, my immune system gets tipped off and immediately proceeds to behave like a London Underground worker by striking at the thought of any physical exertion! This always happens; I begin a regime, start eating those odd things they call vegetables on a regular basis, and a couple of weeks later I am laid down with a virus. I may well be allergic to what the so-called experts call healthy food! Hmm.. maybe I have evolved to be a true carnivore; time will tell if I will have to be muzzled during the next lambing season…

Chiltern Way 1: Hemel Hempstead to Chalfont St. Giles

Happy Belated New Year to all! It has begun full of good intentions, many of which are the same old chestnuts; get out walking more.. smile more often at work.. lose a couple of stone.. improve my cardiovascular.. swear less at work.. win the lottery.. start doing the lottery.. like I said; “same old”. I see myself managing to keep at least one of them, but I couldn’t say which!!