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Dartmoor: Vixen Tor - lest we forget

This is a circular from the car park on Whitchurch Common on the B3357, which bagged 2 tors; Pew Tor, and Vixen Tor (private land). It is perfectly possible to grab Feather Tor and Heckwood Tor, and I'll revisit this to do so as I failed to log the route back in 2011.

A Dartmoor Christmas or “Carry on NOT Camping”

Pretty soon after I was dropped off on the Granite Way, below Sourton Tors, the realisation of the weight on my back had woken me to my capabilities.
The walk along the cycle path was mercifully easy and lacked any gradient, but my upper body was already screaming to be rid of the extra 20kg. I kept telling myself I always knew it would be worse on the first day, but I didn’t anticipate it telling after the first fifteen minutes!
Still, it wouldn’t be long before I would arrive at the Fox and Hounds, where I would spend my first night. Or so I thought. The map shows a nice bit of disused railway; the handywork of Dr. Beeching, which I assumed would lead me straight there. I didn’t take into account that parts of it would be closed off from the public.
Just after Lake Viaduct, the way is blocked, and the path turns off to the village of Bearslake; some may suggest this diversion is a calculated ruse to take you to the welcoming Bearslake Inn! As inviting as it is, I fought the temptat…