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Ridgeway day 6 – Wendover to Ivinghoe Beacon

Eager to finish today, I caught an early train from Uxbridge, and was leaving Wendover by half past nine. This is a fine village, a little busy, but it has good architecture and a couple of recommended curry houses. It is worth a look if you haven’t been before.

Ridgeway day 5 – Lewknor to Wendover

Today, I felt like I was in my back yard, having trodden this area many many times before. This made it no less daunting, knowing I had ascents of three hills; Lodge, Whiteleaf and Coombe, before I descended to the village of Wendover.

Ridgeway day 4 – Streatley to Lewknor

After my rest day, I was back on the train to Goring and Streatley. Some would argue that heading home and commuting for the final three days isn’t really in the spirit of long distance walking, but considering I am on a budget and there is no cheap place to stay for the rest of the trail, it made perfect sense.

Ridgeway day 3 – Down Barn Farm to Streatley

I should have seen the signals! When I wandered into the kitchen for breakfast, I asked the owner where I could throw my rubbish, and she pointed to an open bin in the corner, buzzing with flies!

Ridgeway day 2– Ogbourne St. George to Down Barn Farm

Back in 2006, Ogbourne St. George is where I called it a day. I awoke in the morning to give Simon the news that the hip injury had not eased overnight. I headed home to pick up the car, whilst Simon carried on. My role in this charity challenge was now as support vehicle.

Ridgeway day 1 - Avebury to Ogbourne St. George

Before I start I should mention that I have made no meaningful attempt to describe the numerous prehistoric landmarks that are dotted along the early stages of this route, instead I have included links to the excellent or website, which gives a much more comprehensive description of each one. Similarly, with other points of interest, I have tried to provide the best links to delve deeper should you wish to do so.