Australia: One last crack...

Events in Tasmania, back in April, had left a sour taste in my mouth and the following weeks have seen me mulling over the decision as to whether I should give the Overland Track another go. How fickle I can be because last Sunday, I had resigned myself to the fact that I had to move on to pastures, or trails, new.
On Monday, with no definite destination in my mind, I was scrolling through my Outlook calendar, planning my leave for 2012. There was no getting away from it, because there, in the recesses, was the Overland Track, hopping up and down like an eager school kid at the back of the class, hand raised high, shouting; "ooh pick me! pick me!" Two failed attempts, it has become something of an obsession.

On Tuesday, determined to lay it to rest, I booked my flights for March 2012. My plan of attack has changed from my last attempt; This time I fly to Perth, and not Sydney, as it is both a shorter long haul flight, and my friends, Graham and Tess, have recently relocated here. I'll spend the best part of a week staying with relatives recovering from any ill effects of the journey, before embarking on another plane, this time to Launceston, via Melbourne.

Hopefully, with the walk ticked off, I'll return to Perth for another week, where I have also pencilled in time to sample the atmosphere of the Bibbulmun Track with an overnight hike.

So, this chapter still has a few more pages to run; I have extended my Just Giving page should anyone still want to donate to Epilepsy Action see the link below:

One thing I'm fairly certain about. This is definitely (maybe) the last time! ;-)

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