Friday, 28 April 2017

Dartmoor: A trip out to Cranmere Pool

Sun rising over the lower slopes of Cosdon Hill
Sun rising over the lower slopes of Cosdon Hill
When my neighbour, Neil, told me he would be knocking at six in the morning, for our excursion to Cranmere Pool, I wasn't particularly enthused about the prospect. Getting up at just gone five when you're on holiday is something I would normally associate with jet lag! But that was the decision and it proved to be the right one.

Dartmoor: Torrycombe Tor, Crownhill Tor

Moss on Whitehill Tor lower outcrop
Moss on Torrycombe (Whitehill) Tor lower
I'll admit that Crownhill Tor was something of an irritant; not even within the national park and surrounded by the awful china clay works that scar the landscape. I expected little of the walk to bag this one, possibly there, back, job done. I'm pleased to report I was wrong!

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Dartmoor: Some tors and rocks around Lancombe Hill

Hen Tor from Eastern Tor
Hen Tor from Eastern Tor
Above the River Plym, on Penn Moor, there were a couple of outcrops I needed to visit on my quest to bag the tors and rocks of Dartmoor. One I had forgotten to photograph on my first visit and the other missed altogether. With such a nice day ahead, I thought it was a good idea to incorporate them into a circular over Lancombe Hill as far as Yealm Rocks and also seek out a third outcrop missed near Ducks Pool.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Dartmoor: Foxes' Yard, a Round of Beef and rethinking Water Rock

Is this the pile known as Foxes Yard? - SX 76380 81529
Is this the pile known as Foxes' Yard - SX 76380 81529
"Other piles have also fanciful names attached to them, one being known as Harton's Chest, and another as The Foxes' Yard. A rock near the river, and not far from Foxworthy Mill, bears a name which should render it a fit companion to the Parson's Loaf. It is the Round of Beef, the very sound of which is calculated to arouse anticipations of the most pleasing kind in the mind of the visitor who has been wandering all day on the moor." - William Crossing from 'Gems in a Granite Setting'.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Dartmoor: Was Tor

Was Tor
Was Tor
I arrived an hour before opening time for Lydford Gorge, parking at the White Lady Waterfalls car park, with the intention of trying to find the owner of Was Tor before I turned my attention to the gorge. Please note this small outcrop lies on private land with horses and permission should always be sought.

Dartmoor: Lydford Gorge and Raven's Tor

Lydford Gorge
Lydford Gorge

With two weeks holiday booked over the Easter break, where else would I go but Dartmoor? Let's face it, this is the reason I moved here! It was all going according to plan, the long range weather forecast was encouraging and I had high hopes of visiting many new tors, in addition to a few old friends. First up would be a visit to the only tor on my list that had an admission fee.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Dartmoor: The Tors downstream from Dartmeet

Luckey Tor (top)
Luckey Tor
I had been avoiding today's little trip largely because it appeared, on both paper and from various vantage points in the area, that it was going to be a right bugger to do. But now, as my tor bagging to do list is decreasing, I couldn't put it off any longer and the conditions were perfect to make the descent into Meltor Woods, beside the Dart.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Dartmoor: The Tors and Rocks near Venford Reservoir

North Tor, with Mel Tor in the distance.
North Tor, with Mel Tor in the background
Spring had definitely arrived this weekend and as much as I would have liked to have spent the whole weekend exploring, I had to get out into the garden and complete some much needed maintenance. That left me with a hastily arranged day off work on the Monday to get out on the moor and that day, I thought I would explore some of the tors and rocks above the River Dart.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Dartmoor: Tors and Rocks from Cadover Bridge

Cadworthy Tor looking to The Dewerstone
Cadworthy Tor, looking to Dewerstone
Back in August 2015, I made my first visit to this south-western corner of the national park. In the height of summer, the weight of growth in the woods, the height of the bracken, made it difficult to explore and I had to give up on any attempt of reaching Shaugh Beacon from the path on West Down. I wagered that a trip in the cooler months might prove more fruitful.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Dartmoor: White Ridge Tor

White Ridge Tor (higher outcrop)
White Ridge Tor (higher outcrop)
For those that have visited White Ridge it will hardly stand out as a pivotal moment in your adventures. It is a hill, a Dewey no less, being 506 metres at its highest point. Situated south-west of the edge of Fernworthy Forest, it is a location that you pass over, rather than seek out.